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Grandma and Grandchild in Embrace

Individual & Family Therapy

Here For You

Everyone deserves the opportunity to experience the  best version of themselves and their family no matter what conditions they may find themselves in.  It is my intention to assist you and your family to restore, strengthen, and sustain your emotional health.  I lead with a strength based, solution focused approach with an energetic flare.  In the 13+ years that I've worked along side families, I have learned two important truths: (1) all families are incredibly unique and (2) despite their differences they all seem to strive for peace, balance, and most of all, a sense of happiness.  I have extensive experience working with court involved families due to custody disputes and conflict within the co-parenting relationships.  I am a hope merchant through and through:  I have been told that I can come across as being "too positive", to which my response is generally, "thanks for noticing."  My passion is helping families prosper.

Father & Son

Intentional Co-Parenting

A Lending Hand

With a compassionate and collaborative approach, we work together on restoring balance and harmony back into your family.  My focus and intentions are to assist you with strengthening your co-parenting communication, increasing your ability to tolerate stress, improve your problem-solving skills and shorten your instances of parenting conflict (as well as your frequencies of parenting conflict) so that you and your children get back to doing what you do best...and that's enjoying life.  


It is important to me to help parents find and experience their definition of inner peace.  I provide a 10-week, online group specific for court involved co-parents who are seeking assistance in strengthening/improving your co-parenting relationship rather than investing in further conflict.  To learn more about the "Intentional Co-Parenting Group", click here 

In 2015, I helped implement a Connecticut statewide co-parenting program specifically designed to help strengthen and empower families who tend to find themselves in frequent conflict.  I have personally seen parents transform before my eyes, and it is one of the most beautiful transformations that I have bore witness to.  I will hold space so that you too can give yourself an opportunity for similar results. 


Men's Mental Health

Because You Matter Too

A lot of men find it difficult to reach out for emotional support, because the world they were raised in bombarded them with messages that men who showed emotions are weak. I am here to help individuals break that stigma so that our good men of this generation can finally heal from the trauma passed down to them sold as “male culture.”

“For the men who aren’t afraid to open their hearts. For the men who embrace vulnerability.  For the men who look at themselves and do the soul work. For the men who honor their sons’ empathic tears. For the men who listen to their daughters’ voices. For the men who are always showing up, you are all loved.” -Simi Fromen


Cost & Fees

Accepted Insurance Companies

Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield


Private pay rates can be found below:

Intake Appointment:  

90 minute session...$250.00​

Individual Appointments

60 minute session...$150.00

 90 minute session...$200.00

Joint/Family Appointments:

60 minute session...$200.00

90 minute session...$250.00

Sliding scale fees are available for those who qualify. 

Accepted forms of payment included cash, checks, and credit.  

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About Me

Hi there!  My name is Michael and I am the Owner of You & Yours LLC.  I am a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, but first and foremost...I'm human.  I have hobbies, likes and dislikes, and I too know the feelings of joy, happiness, sadness, anxiety and all the like.  I believe that our ability to feel as strongly as we do is one of our greatest assets as people:  It's just that sometimes our feelings can do a "nice job" at getting in the way of us living our best lives.     

One of my greatest joys when working with a family is when we prepare for their launch without me.  When a family has successfully completed all of their goals, and excitement fills the room: that is the true magic.  It is at this time that I am filled with an overwhelming sense of gratitude to the families who entrusted me enough to work along side them.  It is such an honor to be invited into a family, and that has never been lost on me.

I care deeply for all those that I work with, and because of this, I work diligently to help you find the answers that you seek.  I have 13+ years experience working along side families & I will not be stopping any time soon.   Please feel free to contact me if you feel that I am a good fit for you & yours.   

 Contact me today to learn more and book a session.

Cheshire, New Haven County 06410


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